Selected Works

Bullying at school: a boy is yelling at a girl,

The Impact of Bullying

We produced a one-minute animated campaign to be run in five countries. We utilized the rotoscoping technique.

They are strong. They have grown up without parents

The 32 second fundraiser video ad that has made a summer camp for children possible

Food citizens: consumers who are changing the World

The Association of Conscious Consumers wanted us to create an animated explainer video about that our food consuming habits can have great effects globally.

Theatre Performance in a Classroom

A documentary about Kava Theatre which performs in schools and asks the audience to participate

Crucial Moments

Short animation, based on rotoscope methodology, about a trauma for a lifetime. Client: SOS Children's Villages.

Struggle for Land and Water

Residents of a village are against an industruial project. A campaign composed of mobile videos, camera footage and animation