The Impact of Bullying


SOS Children's Villages International




Video concept

This video was created from stories children have provided us about their experience of bullying. SOS Children’s Villages International asked children to participate in the creating process. 

Bullying is often invisible to adults in children’s communities, and the victims don’t even know what it is. Therefore, sometimes they don’t even ask for help.

During the creative process, the actors and even the crew members were able to bring their own experiences to the planning process. Working from these, we built the scenes.

Instead of just explaining what bullying is, we wanted to offer the viewer an experience of it. 

In this campaign, we used the rotoscoping process, just as in a previous campaign, that is, the scenes were recorded in the studio and then turned into a cartoon in post-production. This is a manual work, a hand-drawn video is made based on the recordings. 

This technology gives you opportunities to add fantasy characters to the video. For example, we created a monster that jumps into the victim’s bag. 

The narration was given by a young girl who was in Canada at the time of the recording, so we sent her studio equipment and recorded the interview online. In the narration, she talked about how self-hatred can develop in victims as a result of bullying, and they can even justify this to themselves.

The most important message for them is that they can restore their self-esteem with external help.

The campaign is running in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.