A successful fundraising campaign which does not make you feel sorry


Academy of Experience, Hungary




Video concept

The basic idea behind this fundraising campaign was to make the viewer feel that we are one. 

The client organization was an NGO that offers community development for kids living without parents in Hungary. They had a plan to organize a summer camp for children of challenging backgrounds, and we were hired for the fundraising campaign for this event. 

We proposed to invite the DeepInsight Creative to the campaign. They are among Hungary’s most successful creative agencies these days. Together with Deepinsight we created a fundraising campaign which offered the audience a poem to purchase line by line, as a form of donation. 

As opposed to many charity fundraising campaigns that make the viewer feel sorry and this way inspired to donate, our approach was to offer an experience of unity. We wanted to feature young people living in a foster home as being strong, nice and just as attractive as a star in a music video.

When you realize that differences are illusions, this insight makes the giving a joyful action. An experience of unity.

The campaign successfuly collected the funds for the summer camp.