We turned a political campaign to a human story featuring a land conflict between residents of a village and an investor of a gravel mine.


Local NGO at Pilismarot, Hungary




Creative concept


Shortlisted for the best Hungarian nonprofit campaigns award in 2022

⸺ Brief

Residents of a small village in Hungary wanted to protect their environment and the local fresh water reservoir that was threatened by a gravel mine project. They hired us to create a video campaign.

⸺ Concept Development

We visited the village and offerered a video campaign in the style of a teaser video of a feature film based on human stories of local residents.

⸺ Animation

We used motion graphics in the video to highlight the proposed gravel mine pit.

⸺ Music

In order to make the video powerful we approached the American dj poolboi to contribute to the project.

⸺ Video Production

We trained local residents to use their own cell phones to shoot video confessions and our video crew filmed a local protest event.

⸺ Results

This was one of the most popular video in 2022 on aHang, a Hungarian petion service which is part of the Online Progressive Engagement Network.