We created video ads about the deeply moving experience that people had during Erste Bank’s ESG programe. 

60 seconds ESG ad on TikTok


Az Erste kötelességének tekinti, hogy aktívan részt vállaljon a pénzügyi ismeretek fejlesztésében, azt valljuk, a pénzügyi oktatás jelenti az alapot pénzügyi egészségünk megőrzéséhez. 💙 #erstemagyarország #higgymagadban #pénzügyitudatosság #pénzügyek #erstebank

♬ eredeti hang - Erste Magyarország

Klara, the main character of this ad has been trained by Erste bank to provide financial education to socially disadvantaged kids. This training was part of Erste’s ESG program which meant to help professionals working with socially disadvantaged children.

Erste bank wanted us to create a video about this program. Their originial idea was to have an explainer video of the project. But during our conversations, we insisted that this story can be featured in a short format of TikTok video ads. So at the end we agreed that both formats will be produced and we will see which one performs better.

It turned out that many of the participants of the training program had a deeply moving experience which they would love to share. Klari for example spoke about how kids of challenging backgrounds inherit habits from previous generations without knowing that those habits are harmful for themselves. But these inherited habits can be identified and replaced by better ones.

This has blown our minds and inspired us in creating a visual style for the video which highlights the experience of discovering something within yourself.

Based on this expereience, we believe that ESG marketing can utilize real stories of a company about making the World a better place.